Hello! I go by the pen name Alkyone and here's some personal information about me!

E-mail: explore.comics.today@gmail.com

Comics have always been my passion since I was a child. From Mickey Mouse to Lucky Luke and to other, mostly European comics, my hands and mind were most of the time occupied with these things.

In high school I discovered manga and anime, and thanks to the enthusiasm and KAMEHAMEHA balls of ambition I received from them I started drawing on a daily basis with more determination than before; alas with many and long breaks throughout my life.

As of today 10/April/2020 I am the creator of two small (4 pages long) comics and another 10 pages long comic for which I’m not quite sure of its ending – as the nature of this story doesn’t really have one. I am also currently working on another comic, inspired by ancient Egypt and spirituality, and hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of Spring.


As far as my education on visual art goes, I have attended a small course on comic creation that lasted for about 4 months – but became the basis of my knowledge in regards to anatomy, storytelling and comic creation in general.

I have also had painting lessons (with pencil, charcoal, acrylics and so forth) which lasted for about a year.

Lastly, I have watched online courses about graphic design, comic creation, coloring, Illustrator (+ InDesign, Photoshop and so forth) through a website, which I have shared here.

Now, concerning my other interests and hobbies, I am deeply interested and fond of anything having to do with spirituality. I have delved into astrology, yoga and meditation for almost ten years now and as of today this has become a way of living for me. Writing is also one of my biggest passions (perhaps even exceeding my love for the art of making comics) and I have written a variety of fictional stories and blog articles you can read here.

Overall, I am a really creative and enthusiastic person, and I truly hope that through this website and through my YouTube videos you will be helped regardless of your level, and you will get to discover new comic stories and other comic creators who have so many things to say, but whose voices may not have yet reached your ears.

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2010 - present

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