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Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article I’m going to explore one indie comic, whose genre is fantasy, mystery and adventure; and its title is Acroalis.

This comic takes place in an imaginary universe, in a planet named Acroalis and its story starts off with a small narration, in which we learn that eleven years ago, two asteroids fell on the planet Acroalis; and since then it is prohibited to enter the area where the asteroids landed. However, a nearby town, known by the name Moko, has undergone no changes in regards to its citizens’ lifestyle; and this is actually where we meet our protagonist, named Mura.

Nevertheless, before I go on to explain the story plot any further, it is important to mention two peculiarities that this comic has – and one of them is the illusion that the readers can choose the characters’ actions or path. This is something that is frequently used in video games, and is known as interactive storytelling. As such, two small balloons appear in certain panels that give two different character actions for the readers to choose. However, in the end the characters do both of these actions, so the readers didn’t really choose the characters’ path. In fact, these small balloons stop appearing after the 5th chapter.

The second peculiarity that this comic has is the fact that there is an overall RPG feeling to it, as in certain battle scenes we can see the HP and the LEVEL of the characters, as well as the weapons they can choose to attack with. Moreover, the characters of this comic have the ability to influence entities of a lower LEVEL and to force them to enter into “battle mode”, which is a state in which these entities are forced to attack with only one move/attack at a time, and then wait for their opponent to attack, before they can make their second move/attack. The whole thing reminds me of many RPG games, as well as Pokémon type of games, where each character can attack with only one move/attack at a time and then wait to receive their opponent’s attack, before attacking again.

So, moving on with the story plot, our protagonist seems to be looking for two different items, which will help her build a Neogorus robot; and while searching for those items, she comes across some monsters that she manages to beat (after she had forced them to enter into “battle mode”). However, a Timoto Wolf, which she couldn’t force to enter that state, chases after her, and in her attempt to get away from it, she falls into a hole on the ground and loses her senses. When she wakes up, Mura discovers a mysterious item, which has a reaction to her touch, and explodes; and through this explosion, a naked, quite eerie and cheerful girl appears, who seems to not remember how she got into that item – or what her name is…

And so, through this peculiar first meeting a new friendship is formed; thanks to which the girls will be led to many adventures, but also to dangerous situations, which are gradually going to uncover the real identity of that mysterious girl.

In general, the overall method with which this comic is narrated is very original and, for me personally, this specific artstyle with its thin lines and the peculiar lighting in its panels gives off the sensation of an otherworldly place. Moreover, the use of very interesting and difficult perspectives gives more tension to the story and makes the comic even more dynamic.

So, plot-wise, due to the existence of “choices” in the first few chapters, as well as our getting to know this world and its RPG properties, at first the story may seem a bit complicated. Of course I also need to mention the fact that English is not the creator’s native language, with result the existence of some spelling and grammatical mistakes in the first few chapters. However, from the 6th chapter onward, the world of this comic and its properties are much clearer in our minds (we have understood some basic information about how this world functions) and so we can finally get into the main plot of the story. Moreover, there is a significant progress and improvement in regards to the panels’ composition, as well as to the English language.

Now, in regards to the characters, everyone seems to be well-developed, with their own attitude and background story, and I really enjoyed this part of the comic: how distinctive the characters’ personalities are, as well as to how deep their background story is. And as we all know, the more well-developed the characters are, the more will the story be engaging and the more will the readers look forward to reading the next pages.

Finally, in regards to this comic’s updates, this comic updates 10 new pages every 3 weeks.

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