Exploring Comics #61 Womanomicon & Coco's Chronicles

Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article I’m going to explore two indie comics. Both of these comics are in strip form – or at least what I’m calling a strip form, but in a vertical order – and they’re also comedy. The first comic also has the element of supernatural and the second comic also has the element of romance and it’s a slice of life.

So, let’s begin with the first comic, whose title is Womanomicon.

Womanomicon is a comic that has to do with witches and Demons and all those occult stuff! Since this comic does not focus on any specific character and since each of its chapters, or each of its pages are consisted of one small complete story, or even one funny illustration, I can’t really speak about story flow, story structure or character development.

Nevertheless, most of the pages of this comic have a sexual theme, or dirty jokes, or some (or more) nakedness and lesbian themes… So, if you don’t really enjoy the above, I’d advise you to stay away from this comic! I personally don’t have any issue with all these themes, but I would surely not be able to read this comic in public, if others could see what I was looking at. I overall really enjoyed the humor of this comic, and I laughed the hardest at the pages that talked about astrology and the tarot.

Now, in regards to its art style, I truly love the bold lineart! The character design is very interesting and the exaggeration in the humane (or non humane) figures is very successfully done!

However, there’s an issue that I’d like to touch on. This issue was mentioned a few times in the comic and it has to do with the Demons and how they are portrayed in the comic (but also how the entire world thinks of them). To start off I want to make clear the fact that what I’m about to comment on is not a critique for this comic and I don’t want the creator to think that I’m demeaning her comic because of what I’m about to say.

So, the portrayal of Demons in this comic, but also the image that the average person has about them, is that they are these “monsters” with horns and with crooked noses, and that their skin is red or dark brown, and that these entities live in Hell, where they punish the “sinners”, according to the Christian, and most likely the Muslim religions.

Another kind of image that people have about Demons is that they’re sex-maniacs; and of course this originates from the fact that, in its core, the Christian religion (and I’m only going to talk about the Christian religion, as this is the religion I grew up with) considers sex and self-pleasure to be a sin, and so Demons are considered to be slaves of sex and of mankind. This kind of ideology has been repeatedly used in many comics and countless movies. However, the truth is very different from that and I wanted to finally talk about this issue as there were many comics with “Demons” as the bad guys that I had to explore, and it truly hurts me to see how distorted mankind’s beliefs are, compared to the actual reality of things.

Demons and Demonesses are not monsters; and they’re definitely no slaves of any man… The word “Daimon/Demon” (in Greek: Δαίμων, Δαίμονας) is originated from ancient Greece, and it is derived from the verb “δαίω” which means “to give everyone their share of luck”; therefore, the word Demon became identical to God or to some other deity, which protected and guided humanity.

The word “ευδαιμονία” (eudaimonia) means that someone has the Demon’s favor, and it is synonymous to good luck and to bliss/intense happiness. In addition, the ancient Greeks ascribed the “guardian angel” to Demons (κατά φύλακα Δαίμονα) (Guardian Demon). There are really many Greek phrases, many historical facts and of course countless myths that anyone can search and find, which debunk the modern concept of Demons that people believe today; and the reason why this falsification hurts me so much is because, all of this hatred and all of these lies, especially for us Greeks (as I am Greek), tarnishes our Great past, and it creates a huge distance between ourselves and our ancient roots, our morals and our customs. Apart from that though, the fact that all these lies come from a religion, which was built on the blood and the lives of countless people, on the plunder, the desecration and the total destruction of COUNTLESS temples and sources of knowledge, and this religion teaches about “love”, “forgiveness” and “virtue”…… it truly infuriates me.

God - Demon Ares (the Roman God Mars)
Goddess - Demoness Artemis
God - Demon Hermes (the Roman God Mercury)
Goddess - Demoness Athena

So, I simply wanted to make this issue clear, and I repeat that I do not want to demean the comic Womanomicon, which is actually a very funny and entertaining comic. I just believe that we have an obligation to know about these things – because when we erase or ignore our past and our roots, then what is our identity? Who are we, if we do not know where we come from? And yes, the religious beliefs of a civilization have a huge impact on society and its way of living – and accordingly, to the roots of its own civilization.

And finally, after this big and educational parenthesis, in regards to the updates of this comic, this comic updates a new page every Monday.

And let’s go to the second comic, whose title is Coco’s Chronicles.

As this comic is also in the “vertical strip form”, each chapter is one small funny story and there isn’t a complicated or long-term story plot going on. However, in contrast to the previous comic, Coco’s Chronicles does have the same characters/protagonists, and these are Coco and her boyfriend Poco!

The comedy of this comic is very successful, and there were actually many points where it was like I was seeing myself in them. Moreover, the art style of this comic may be simpler than Womanomicon, but it is more than enough to portray this specific kind of humor.

Our two protagonists have a unique personality, and I need to admit that Poco made an adorable and very sweet impression on me, but I believe that he must be a strong character for being able to stay in a relationship with Coco, who is constantly seeking his attention and who has a more eccentric personality than Poco. Nevertheless, this comic is still in the beginning, or perhaps we haven’t yet seen many scenes with our protagonists interacting in public, so I’m curious to see the limits of Coco’s eccentricity or to generally see whatever funny situations, taken from life, that are portrayed in this comic.

And, in regards to the updates of this comic, this comic updates a new page weekly. However I’ve noticed that in some weeks it had updated two or even three pages; so perhaps it doesn’t have a steady schedule.

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