Exploring Comics #60 Wrath of White Wolf & The Legend of Incineroar

Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article I’m going to explore two indie comics, both of which are action. The first one is also a fantasy comic and the second one is also a fan comic with Pokémon characters, which could be classified as drama and "slice of life" in some particular way.

And let's start with the first one whose title is Wrath of White Wolf.

The story of this comic seems to be set in the Middle Ages, but in an imaginary world and starts with our protagonist named Samuel Challenger, who works in a bar and listens to customers discuss about the current circumstances and how dangerous everything is out there, as the villages are often attacked by thieves. So, a new customer enters the bar and our protagonist approaches him to serve him. This customer looks very suspiciously at our protagonist and after ordering his beer and being served by Samuel, he starts saying Samuel's personal information briefly, that is, his date of birth and who his family members are. And then he reveals to Samuel that he has been sent by his sister and gives him a photo and a letter.

At this point, it is revealed to us that Samuel is not from this land - and in fact he is not from this world, in which the story unfolds - and he is shocked when he learns that his sister is also in this world. Therefore, he decides to follow his sister's delegate guard, but before they manage to leave that place, the village gets under attack; and since Samuel can't leave the people who had helped him, he decides to fight - and his sister's guard necessarily helps him in this battle. However, thanks to this battle, it is revealed that his sister's guard is not a simple man.

The story structure of this comic is really very clever. The element of surprise and exposition are used methodically and very effectively. The story plot unfolds in an incredibly smooth way. It is a story that constantly keeps us interested and each of its scenes is very cleverly organized; it manages to give us really strong emotions. When I was reading, in the beginning of the comic, the part of the story before the battle, I could clearly see and feel the agony and tension of the villagers who would fight to protect their families. The characters are also well-developed and have a long background story, which we get to know gradually.

As for the visual part, the scenes of this comic are dynamic with some particularly dynamic panels and, in general, I really like the art style of this comic. There are some scenes with intense shading that are very atmospheric, but also the character design is very meticulous and has been executed in a way that goes deep underneath the surface. In this comic, the phrase "do not judge a book by its cover" is totally applied. In general, I really like the elements that the characters incorporate in their personality.

The only disadvantage of this comic is that it has very, very bad English grammar and there are countless mistakes in every single page but… this is the first time I've explored a comic with so many grammatical and spelling errors, because it is so damn good! The story rocks, the characters are deeply developed, every panel and every scene is very carefully designed; it was impossible for me not to promote such a comic! Sure, the creator needs a beta reader, but the comic can be read that way too. Gradually, the brain becomes accustomed to mistakes and completes the correct words on its own or adds an "is" or "are", if they are missing from the sentence.

Finally, in terms of pages of this comic, it has released seven chapters in total and is currently on hiatus, as the creator prepares his comic in order to start a Kickstarter and have it in printed form! I will provide links in the description of the video, if you wish to read it online or get it on handprint.

So let's continue with the second comic, whose title is The Legend of Incineroar.

As I have already mentioned in the beginning of this video, this is a fan comic, as all characters in this comic are Pokémon. In fact, this is the first fan comic I'm exploring and which has an incredible quality in all aspects of creating a comic.

The story of this comic revolves around Incineroar and to be honest, even though I have watched Pokémon and Digimon and Medabots when I was a child, I don't remember that particular Pokémon; nor do I remember many of the Pokémon mentioned in the story. However, that didn’t stop me from getting into the story, literally getting obsessed with it and feeling all the emotions that our protagonist, Incineroar, feels.

So in this story, Incineroar has stopped fighting and now all he cares about is his family. So, when he loses one of his two children, Incineroar will do anything to get his son back. There are no people in this comic, there are no coaches and the truth is that the plot evolves in such a way that we don't wonder where people are. It is a story in the world of Pokémon, with Pokémon characters and of course with the powers that these Pokémon have and their motivations and different personalities.

The layout of this comic is very different from what we are used to. We can read it panel by panel and there are no dialogue balloons. Instead, the story of this comic unfolds through narration and images and even the dialogue that exists in certain scenes is presented only through narration.

In general, the story flow of this comic is very successful and the roles played by the Pokémon characters are very unexpected and dark. Although the characters were already established by the cartoon itself, this story shows us a different aspect of themselves that we would definitely never see on the cartoon.

Finally, in regards to the visual aspect of it, I really believe that it is indescribable... As you can see, the comic is in black and white and the use of ink is very intense and effective at the same time. Many pages have a great composition, an interesting and once again a very effective perspective and, in general, incredible detail and attention has been given to every page of this comic.

Also, I was very impressed by the way the expressions of the characters are drawn and much more by the expressions we would not expect to see in these specific Pokémons.

Although it can be considered fanart, the creator of this comic has given a very intriguing and authentic hue to these characters. And finally, in regards to this comic’s updates, there is a new page available every Monday.

That’s it with today’s reviews! If you wish to read these two comics or to follow the creators on their social media, you can do so by clicking the links below.

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