Exploring Comics #58 Love Me, Deity & Chronicles of Adala

Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article I’m going to explore two indie comics. Both of these comics are fantasy. The first comic is also romance, mystery and supernatural and the second comic is also drama and slice of life.

So, let’s begin with the first comic, whose title is Love Me, Deity.

The story of this comic starts off with the protagonist’s (whose name is Akina) arrival at a house – or more specifically at a dorm – in which she will reside for her studying period. So, she is happy and excited to meet her roommate, who was not at their dorm to meet her, but who sends a message to Akina instead, asking her if she would like to meet with her outside and go somewhere to eat together. Akina happily accepts, but while being on her way to meet her, she trips over a black… hole? Well, she trips over a black “thing” and she is not quite sure what that is. However, she continues on her way and she starts noticing these black things, as if they were lizards, wrapping themselves around people and eventually they start covering the ground on which she’s stepping. Of course, Akina is the only one who can see them. Afterwards, an entity (which really reminded me of Indian God Shiva), emits a warm blue light and makes these black creatures disappear.

However, this is just the beginning of the strange things and experiences that Akina will get into and there are many questions and many mysteries in regards to what’s truly going on… and perhaps to what Akina’s true identity is.

Although it takes a little while before we actually start receiving answers, the story flows in a steady rhythm and it succeeds in keeping our interest. One mystery follows another but as we are given some very important elements (through the things Akina sees), the darkness slowly fades away and the mystery is being investigated.

Now, in regards to the characters, the truth is that insofar we have not seen much interaction between them, so I can’t really comment on character development and so forth. However (and once more, thanks to the protagonist’s visions/dreams/hallucinations – or whatever they could be!) it is clear that all characters have their own personality and background story – and I’m really looking forward to reading about that!

Finally, concerning the visual aspect of it, I really like the thin lineart of this comic and I also like the highlights that are present in the hair. The shadows are overall quite faint, resulting in the colors looking almost flat; hence the hair highlights tend to pop out even more on each page.

Lastly, in regards to the updates of this comic, this comic updates a new page every Wednesday.

And, let’s go to the second comic, whose title is Chronicles of Adala.

The story of this comic begins with our young protagonist, who is imprisoned and doing hard labor under extremely harsh conditions. A small chat between two guards reveals a tiny exposition in regards to the politics of the area they’re at, and all of a sudden the camp they’re in is under attack. We don’t know who is attacking them (although the exposition spoke of a lost war) and our young protagonist starts running in order to save herself from the swords, the fire and the explosions. Unfortunately, one of those explosions managed to seriously injure her; a fierce stare being the last thing she saw, before she lost consciousness.

When our young protagonist, who will take the name of Adala, wakes up, she is lying down on a bed, wearing clean clothes and having bandages wrapped around her to treat her wounds – and this is how Adala is going to begin a new life under entirely different circumstances from what she had known her entire life, and actually having a guardian who truly cares for her, and for whom Adala is most certainly going to be the reason for radical changes in his life.

The theme of this comic reminds me of another indie webcomic, named Mercy, which I had explored on my YouTube channel and that, to this day, has remained one of my top favorite. In Mercy, just in Chronicles of Adala, the protagonist is a girl who was raised in slavery until someone released her; and she was now exploring freedom for the first time in her life. Although the main story plot is the same, these two comics are entirely different from one another and they also take place in two completely different worlds. So if you are a creator who wants to create a story that has been told before, do not hesitate to materialize that story, as each story has a unique tone!

The truth is that the first pages of Chronicles of Adala have quite a few harsh scenes with our young protagonist being mistreated and abused by the guards. Nevertheless, these pages do not last for long, so don’t let them prevent you from reading this amazing comic!

Chronicles of Adala takes place in an imaginary world and we haven’t yet learned lots of information about that planet. However, in regards to its visual aspect, I truly like how the landscapes are drawn and how vivid the colors are. Moreover, the view that Adala sees when looking at the sky (this planet with its ring) is, for me personally, pure magic! I overall really enjoy whatever has to do with planets and with unknown and imaginary words, so even if this comic hasn’t yet taught us much about its world, there is much optical stimulation that makes us come into certain conclusions on our own in regards to its world and the planet the story takes place on.

And, since I’m already talking about the visual aspect of it, I need to comment on how much I loved the expressions and the body language of the characters. Whenever they are present, anger, sadness and fear are crystal clear, without the need of the characters to verbally express their emotions. Moreover, there are many different animals/races in this world and they all have a unique character design, and of course a unique personality.

All of the characters are overall well-developed, and I am truly looking forward to seeing all the changes that Adala’s arrival will bring into her guardian’s life – but I am also curious to see Adala discovering a life of freedom and love, which she had never accepted before. I want to see how our young protagonist’s personality is going to be evolved, as well as how her guardian, named Kae’ Sar, is going to conform, since for his entire life he was born, raised, and believes he will die in war. These two characters are an original and odd combination, and both of them surely have many things to teach one another.

This comic hasn’t yet published many chapters yet, but it has so much potential! And finally, in regards to its updates, this comic updates a new page every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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