Exploring Comics #57 Little Happy & Chasing the Sun

Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article I’m going to explore two indie comics. Both of these comics are very different in regards to their themes and their art style. The only thing they have in common is that both of these comics can be read only on Instagram. The first comic is a slice of life… in a rather peculiar way… It is also fantasy, drama and it has some action scenes. The second comic is action and adventure.

So, let’s begin with the first comic, whose title is Little Happy.

In the beginning, the story of this comic seems to be quite complicated but there comes a point when everything starts making sense. In this comic’s Instagram “stories” (and for those who are not familiar with Instagram, “stories” can be found below the profile description or bio, and above the pictures or photographs), there’s a story titled “Wut – An Explanation”, in which the creator explains what exactly is going on in the story. However I would not advise you to read it as this story contains some important spoilers and it will basically make the comic lose its element of surprise in the exposition later on – I mean in the pages of the comic where there’s an explanation of what’s going on. I am only going to say that this story has to do with time travel and that when you see the panels being colored blue then this specific character (or characters) are currently traveling in time, or they are in the “Time Zone” (the space between time).

The story of this comic will surely seem complicated at first, but even then it is still going to keep your interest and make you wonder about matters, not necessarily connected to the comic itself, but about your own life and yourself… And it will surely make you cry. I personally cried so much with this comic. The emotions this comic gives are extremely intense and it is very possible that you will be able to identify with more than one of the characters. Its storytelling is unique and smartly planned.

The depth of the characters (in regards to their background story and character development) is at another level. Honestly, when I stopped reading this comic, which by the way is completed, I felt like I got out of a state of shock. Yes, I got out and not in, as the reading of the comic itself gave me so many things to consider, to doubt, to search… And I cried, I really cried so much… I believe there aren’t enough words to explain the intensity of the emotions this comic gave me.

Finally, in regards to its visual aspect, the art style of this comic is simple and it looks like graphic design. I would say that Little Happy is a minimalistic comic with simple drawings, simple lineart and color and without any dynamic panels, except for the few scenes where there was action; but even then, there was no complicated perspective or any extreme composition… And yet, this comic managed to tell me so many things, that not many other comics can – and no songs or movies have managed to do so. If you wish to take a deep dive and look into yourself, I would honestly recommend this comic without a second thought. As always, there’s a link at the end of this article if you wish to read it.

And let’s go to the second comic, whose title is Chasing the Sun.

The story of this comic takes place in Los Angeles and it starts off with a small, almost poetic introduction, which gives us a faint image as to what is going to follow and as to which characters are going to play what kind of role, in this story. So after that, we look into the building of a tycoon, in which there’s a momentary power outage. The tycoon’s bodyguards immediately take action in order to see what was at fault and whether the building is truly safe; and our protagonists start setting their own plan in action and enter the building through the vent. I can’t really say anything more about the story without revealing too much, other than the fact that there’s a good use of the element of suspense and action, even from the first few pages. There’s an overall really good story structure and story flow and… although the story seems to start off like any other classical police/organized crime story, in the Instagram profile of the comic, the summary mentions something about “world ending artifacts”, so I’m very curious to see how things will turn out and in what kind of troubles the protagonists are going to get involved!

Now, in regards to the characters, since the story enters right away into the action, our getting to know the characters takes place mostly through the dialogue and their mindset while the story’s in action and suspense. However, they seem to be well-developed – each one has their own unique personality and background story – and they also seem to be very smart, which is very important for their line of work… and this is one more reason why I’m curious to see how things could ever go wrong!

Finally, in regards to its visual aspect, this comic has a realistic art style with insane details in each panel. The amount of details that exist in each page is truly remarkable – and these details are not limited on just the characters and their expressions, but also on the landscapes, which are my favorite part of this comic.

And lastly, in regards to this comic’s updates, this comic updates a new page every Wednesday and you can read it only on Instagram – which also applies for the comic Little Happy.

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