Exploring Comics #55 Tad Danger Substitute Ranger & Divine Daughters

Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article I’m going to explore two indie comics. Both of these comics have a similar cartoon-y art style and both of them are action and comedy. The first comic is also a parody and the second comic is also supernatural.

So, let’s begin with the first comic, whose title is Tad Danger, Substitute Ranger.

The story of this comic starts in a big city, where a monster seems to be destroying everything around it and we are then taken into the Headquarters of our heroes, who seem to be bored out of their minds, until the alarm goes off and they need to take action. So, after our heroes transform (like another, very popular cartoon), they realize that a member of their team is missing, and without her they can’t complete the robot which will fight the monster. They are basically in need of a hand… literally. So, they decide to go through the ads to find a replacement; and that’s where our protagonist shows up, named Tad Danger!

This is the concept of the first chapter and this comic has a really good humor, clever punchlines and some unbelievable actions performed by Tad Danger, who… Whether he managed to help the team or not, I shall leave it up to you to decide!

Now, in regards to the art style, I need to confess that when I first looked at it, this comic reminded me of The Life and Times of Admiral Pizza and Friends. Both of these comics have strong, flat colors and their SFX are hand-written and all over the place!

Finally, in regards to the characters, they all have an exceptional character design, but they also have very unique personalities – something that is evident in their reactions towards our protagonist’s insane actions.

There’s only one thing that somewhat baffled me in regards to the storytelling, and that’s the fact that this comic does NOT start with the protagonist, who is actually late in making his first appearance (based on the story structure of the comic). By only reading the first chapter, it was NOT entirely clear that Tad Danger was the protagonist of the story. I had to look into the second chapter, and this is where I saw which characters will keep making their appearance, and that’s how it became evident to me who is the protagonist of the story and who is the supporting cast. Nevertheless, thanks to how the first chapter was narrated, the fact that the other characters will not keep making their appearance in each chapter of the comic is not that much damaging, since we hadn’t yet met them in great detail, but maybe we identified with one or some of them.

In general it is important to be careful to not make our readers identify with the supporting cast of our comic who will appear for a limited amount of time, because they may become disappointed, and even drop our comic when they realize that this character will not appear again, or that their appearances will be for a limited amount of time. I believe that this didn’t happen for this particular comic, but I need to mention it as a general advice for all comic creators.

Finally, in regards to the updates of this comic, this comic updates a new page every Sunday. There are links at the end of this article if you wish to read it, or follow the creator on his social media.

And, let’s go to the second comic, whose title is Divine Daughters.

The story of this comic starts off with a young girl, who seems pure and naive, who is getting out of the cinema with her friend, and they’re both having a discussion about the movie they just saw. The young girl eventually suggests that they take a shortcut through the park, and when they are both isolated and just the two of them, he transforms into a monster and this young girl proves to be a badass! As she fights the monster, two more girls appear, and the three of them are the Divine Daughters, whose goal is to protect the area in which they live, named Saturn Hills, from monsters and other supernatural threats.

Storytelling-wise, this comic made a great impression on me. It has a good story structure and a good story flow which basically follows the same “pattern”. What I mean by that is that there’s a constant action, or there’s one adventure after the other. Moreover, through all this action and suspense, we get to really know the characters and their background story. In fact, there’s some character development from just the first few chapters, and the characters are overall well-developed, they have their own attitude and their own unique character design.

In regards to the art style, although it may be cartoon-y, there are certain panels that are extremely cleverly drawn (storytelling-wise) and there are also some very dynamic panels and drawn in such a way that I could visualize them in an animated form.

In general, the story of this comic has lots of potential and I am sure that the lovers of action are surely going to enjoy it! And finally, in regards to this comic’s updates, this comic updates a new page on a weekly basis.

That’s it with today’s reviews! If you wish to read these two comics or to follow the creators on their social media, you can do so by clicking the links below.

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TAD DANGER SUBSTITUTE RANGER can be read on Tapas. You can also follow the creator on Twitter.

DEVINE DAUGHTERS can be read on Tapas and Webtoons. Unfortunately the creator does not have any social media.


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