Exploring Comics #53 Yaplaws & A Reason to Be

Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article (or video :D) I’m going to explore two indie comics*. These comics do not hold many similarities, other than the fact that they both made me doubt certain things, or they simply gave me some food for thought. So, in regards to their themes, the first comic is a comedy — but not always — and it’s surely thought-provoking and the second comic is science fiction.

So, let’s begin with the first one, whose title is Yaplaws.

Before I even begin to talk about this comic, it is important to note that, as the title says, Yaplaws began as a cat! These little comics had cats as their protagonists but even back then, their content managed to give us some kind of a doubt, or they gave us a different and deeper mindset in regards to our emotions, our relationships with others and with ourselves. Nevertheless, these comics also have their comedic moments; although most of the times it is a tragic kind of comedy, or one that has a tragic ending. However, some of these comics are hopeful, and some others are truly sweet and heartwarming.

The artstyle of this comic made a good impression on me, as the colors are flat and the shadows are drawn as black lines but without covering entirely the places that have shadow (by the way, this method is called crosshatching), so this creates a stylized artstyle, but at the same time we can easily perceive whatever emotions we need to feel.

Now, in regards to the characters, the main protagonist is this boy with the blue hair, whose name I doubt we’ve learned yet… and we probably never will, as this character could be the creator behind the comic, it could be the readers of the comic… This character is basically a faceless face, whose sadness, happiness, fears and hopes have been experienced by most of us on a daily basis; and our identity, our origin and our destination doesn’t have any importance. And in such a way, for me personally, this character has found his way into my heart, and in an indirect way I feel him like a part of me, since his thoughts and emotions are, or were, a part of my life.

Now, in regards to this comic’s updates, this comic updates a new page on a daily basis! You can read it on Instagram, but the creator also has a Patreon, so please visit and support them! (there are links at the end of this article)

And, let’s go to the second comic, whose title is A Reason to Be.

The story plot of this comic is very interesting. The story begins with exposition, in which we learn that, in order to stop the terrorist attacks, the allied forces asked for the help of two individuals who, with the help of their companies and their knowledge, created a neurochip, which was basically a biotechnological passport. There were studies, experiments and so forth, and now every infant has to undergo a small procedure, in which the microchip is placed in the back of its neck.

Since this comic was rather small, the things I can say about it are limited. The comic is divided in three chapters and it is completed. The first two chapters are in black and white, but the third one is in color which, as you can see, is rather simple (it does not have shadows, effects etc); and this actually helps to maintain the story in the same mood/atmosphere. Moreover, the realistic artstyle fits the story perfectly. There are actually many panels that did not have words, and this comic has successfully managed to give intense emotions, based entirely on the visual part of it.

Since there wasn’t given much emphasis on the characters, but on their actions and on the conclusion/message of the story, I will not be able to talk about character development. However, the characters’ actions do have a consistency (each one of them has an attitude and a background story that affects their choices and actions) and once more, in regards to the visual aspect of it, each character has a noticeable different character design, which can actually paint a picture of their personality.

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YAPLAWS can be read on Instagram. You can also support the creator on Patreon or at their Ko-Fi.

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