Exploring Comics #54 The Power of Stardust & Urban Animal

Updated: Apr 20

Hello! My name is Alkyone and in this article I’m going to explore two indie comics. Both of these comics are action and fantasy.

So, let’s begin with the first comic, whose title is The Power of Stardust.

The story of this comic takes place in a parallel, or perhaps a fantastical universe, during the 2nd World War period. In this universe the historical figures that we know of do exist, but there’s also the existence of super heroes, who have basically changed the course of our history as we know it. So, having in mind that many things are not as we’d expect them to be, this comic has a quite big introduction but this introduction succeeds in keeping our interest for two reasons.

The first reason is the way that all of this information is being given to us. The words used, combined with the drawings transforms the narration into poetry… And, even if we weren’t that interested in the story itself, I personally found myself wandering in outer space with the things I was reading; and found myself visualizing even more than the pages showed. The second reason is because the information that the introduction explains to us, as well as to how this world (or these worlds) are created and function, is incredibly interesting in a philosophical level. So, thanks to the way this comic is narrated, I would suggest that one has to have their utter focus and attention to it while reading it. What I mean by that is that, it would be very hard to have this comic as a quick read, or to read it while being in the public transportation.

The concept of Stardust as a character is extremely interesting and at the same time incredibly terrifying, based on our humane logic. Moreover, Stardust’s power and abilities, combined to the way he views the meaning of existence at its core, surpasses each fantasy and nightmare of the human kind.

Now, regarding its artstyle, the lineart of this comic has very thin and clear lines. The illustrations are truly beautiful and the entire comic does not have color and, having its entire style in mind, I believe this story could only be narrated in black and white.

There’s only one negative thing that this comic has, and that’s the fact that there are many pages of fanart, which managed to interrupt the story flow for me. I am generally used to seeing fanart pages at the end of a chapter, or at a period when the comic is on hiatus while the creator creates the next chapter, or during the period of holidays. However, in this comic the fanart pages were placed throughout the entire comic and they were very distracting. I honestly believe that this story is unique in its kind and I highly recommend it.

Finally, in regards to this comic’s updates, this comic doesn’t really have a steady schedule. However, I’ve noticed that since November this comic updates a new page monthly. There are links at the end of this article if you wish to read this comic, and let’s go to the second comic whose title is Urban Animal.

Urban Animal takes place in today’s USA and the story revolves around a teenager, whose name is Joe, and who suddenly realizes that he can transform into a chimera! So, Joe, with the help (which he did not ask for!) of someone else, who can also transform like him, he discovers that his existence will have a tremendous impact on humanity as a whole.

The entire concept of the story is overall very interesting, and there’s also a very good story flow throughout the entire comic. All of the characters have their own attitude, their own unique personalities and they’re overall well-developed. The protagonist is a teenager who has the mindset and the problems of a teenager, combined to the new problems and situations he’ll have to face as he discovers his true identity. In addition, the character design is really beautiful and unique for each character.

Now, in regards to the optical part of it, the lineart is very beautiful and clean, and whatever color combinations exist fit perfectly the respective scenes and situations. The colors are mainly flat with a few shadows and highlights in specific panels, depending on the scene.

Finally, another thing that I really liked about this comic is that, despite the fact that it is a story based on fantasy with fantastical situations taking place in the comic, the dialogue and the way the characters react to said situations is very realistic; a fact that makes the comic be kind of grounded to reality, despite its fantastical theme.

And, in regards to this comic’s updates, this comic updates a new page every Saturday.

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