Due to personal time restraints, I have decided to promote new comics (via a blog entry on my website, or as a video on my YouTube channel) ONLY via payments on PayPal. Nevertheless, certain requirements will still hold true to my decision on exploring (reviewing and promoting) your comic, such as a good story structure, well-developed characters and of course a decent composition in regards to your panels. (I will be pleased if they are simply not all over the place and causing confusion to the story flow of your comic)

So, if you are a comic creator and would like me to promote your comic (or if you have a comic creator friend whose amazing comic needs to be on this site) feel free to send me a message and a link to your/their comic, and I will respond to you with my prices. Even if the comic can't be read online, you can still send me a pdf of the comic on my email.

If I see that your comic meets the requirements, it's important that you also send me your social media links (such as a Twitter, or a Facebook account or page, a DeviantArt account or even a personal website) so that I can place these links in the video description, or in the blog article.

Other Services

Due to my experience of having read and explored many comics - but also of studying the art of storytelling in comics through many books, articles, and video tutorials, I am now offering services in reviewing your comic in PRIVATE, focusing on the negatives than the positives (basically giving you a critique on how to get better at what you're doing) for a price that can be discussed in private, depending on the size of your comic, or on what exactly you want my critique to be about (I could critique only the story structure of your comic, or just the characters' depth and realism - or the entire comic itself).

You can contact me using this form or you can message me on Social Media!
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