Career in Comics


Imaginative Realism is an incredible book that has all the information you will need to create anything out of your imagination. From robots to elves, to amazing architecture and to the most bizarre things you can ever think of, this book covers all kinds of fantastical ideas you might have and how to successfully put them down on paper. In addition, the absolutely fascinating imaginative drawings featured in each page of the book can be a great inspiration and a powerful boost to your own imagination.


This book is a must for comic artists who desire to make a career out of making comics.
It contains exceptional information in regards to creating, marketing, printing and selling your own comic. Starting off from the motivation you will need to pull this through, this book has detailed and up to date information about how to market your comic through social media, about the pros and cons of being published and being self-published, about the money (in very specific figures) you will need to spend to market and publish your comic, as well as the money you will be making out of it. There is information about the lettering process, fifty (!) ideas to grow your fanbase, copyright information and so much more! Written by Jason Brubaker, the comic creator of reMIND, this book is a must-read for those wishing to get into the comic industry and to make a living out of making comics.


This book is absolutely amazing. Although it doesn't go in great detail about anatomy and the like (there are many other books for that purpose, which I mention in my website here) it covers *everything* about comic books, from scenario and storytelling to fonts, to balloons, to colors and how to correctly structure your panels and strips. Personally, I've read this book countless times and each time I find something new to help me in making my own comics. An amazing book, greatly recommended for comic creators.

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