This book is another excellent book for animators – especially beginners, but also for the ones who wish to find a way to make their drawing process quicker!  It is a quick read with simple instructions and it covers things from basic shapes of the human body to perspective, to how balance/weight/force works and how these affect your animations. This book has all the basic information you will need for a great start in your animation journey!


These two books are absolutely great for 2D animators! Joseph Gilland, the author of these books and a Disney veteran, in the first book, has broken down effects into four categories (water/liquids, fire/smoke, props/solid objects and magical effects) and instructs the readers on how to realistically animate them. This book doesn’t really guide you on “how to draw” each element, but rather, it teaches you how to understand how each element work, hence you can create on your own a variety of effects for your own elements.


The entire “Force” series is a true masterpiece for animators! Michael Mattesi, the author of this series, has collaborated with Pixar, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney Consumer Products, Marvel Comics, Dreamworks/DPI, Nickelodeon and many others, with result having lots of years experience in places with great specialty in the animation department. The “Force” series is basically a guide in the understanding of any creature’s “aliveness”, shown through lines that combine the creature’s anatomy to the pull of the gravitational force.

The first two books focus on the human form, while the third one focuses on animals.

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